Document your learning

  • 2 min read

Recently I came across the topic of learning and documenting progress. Sharing our development with others can be done in many ways. I want to share my opinion about the advantages I see.

Top things that annoy programmers

  • 2 min read

Daily work provides many situations to upset, surprise, and even laugh. I asked my friends who are programmers what annoyed them. Please don’t take it as a complaint, but rather as an opportunity to change.

The most important thing in the project

  • 1 min read

No project is perfect from the start. The real problems are very complicated. While something seems simple and fits perfectly, it may not be. I want to present the most critical and unchanging aspect of each project.

Why choose Elixir?

  • 3 min read

Companies operate in an uncertain environment. Uncertain technology is certainly not something that will interest them. What makes companies decide to use Elixir language?

Handling configuration variables in Elixir

  • 2 min read

We have some environmental variables in almost every Elixir application. They change the behavior of the system. They even allow you to reduce variables to be hard-coded somewhere in the depths of the code. I will show how you can use environment variables better.

Get noticed at a new project

  • 4 min read

Changing your job or team often means changing the current project. It can be a difficult situation for most, especially at the beginning. The first impression can only be made once. It’s worth doing it right. See what we should do to get noticed at a new project.

How to work remotely without going crazy

  • 4 min read

Most of us have moved from working in the office to working from home. For most, this was a new and unexpected situation. Reflecting on the topic of remote work, I wanted to prepare a list of activities that will allow us to avoid lack of concentration, constant monotony, and being at work 24 hours a day.