The best learning resource: Harvard CS50 course

Last year I finished my adventure with IT studies. After five years, I obtained a Master’s Degree. The beginnings were difficult. They were much more difficult than I expected.

I want to introduce you to, without a doubt, the best free introductory programming course you can find. Of course, I’m talking about Harvard CS50. I found the course thanks to the suggestion of one of my lecturers. He wanted to show us how IT concepts can be presented without academic jargon.

The course will not replace studies

Before I start, I would like to point out that it will not replace studies after all. It focuses on an introduction to computer science. While it shows practical knowledge like data types, memory allocations, and image processing - studies have a much broader scope.

What do we get?

The course is an excellent introduction to the low-level C language. Thanks to this, it is possible to know, for example, how data allocation, variables, pointers, heap works. We also get to know the Python language.

The course is available not only in English. It may also be available in yours. However, I recommend using the English version and familiarizing yourself with the IT jargon.


The course is divided into 12 weeks. Each of them consists of lectures conducted by David J. Malan in a fantastic way. We also have the problem sets to resolve. Their solution accelerates our development. Well-structured learning, interestingly communicated.

Prepare for hours of reflection, learning, and testing your solutions!

Who is it for?

The course provides an introduction to the IT world. It is aimed mainly at people who want to get started.

It doesn’t teach just coding but also thinking and analysis.


If you have free time or want to start in IT - I highly recommend it. It can also be helpful during your studies to better understand the fundamental issues.

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