Why New Year’s resolutions fail?

The New Year is an occasion for new resolutions. Most often, they are only for a while. We gradually lose commitment and eventually (after two weeks, less or more) stop altogether.

What influences our resignation? What should we do to increase our loyalty?

The key: Environment

The environment should support our development. If the conditions are not favorable, we will achieve nothing.

Suppose we want to read more books. How can we achieve it? It is illusory to expect it to work out somehow. The best way is to leave the book by the bedside. We can read a moment after waking up and a moment before going to bed. Even ten pages a day is as much as ten pages more than when we start the resolution without our conscious support.

The same is true when we are using a standing desk. If we have to lift it manually, we will often not feel like doing it. I also had this problem. It can be solved by using mechanical lifting or setting a reminder on the computer. There is time to sit and then a standing session. Both positions are not healthy for the body, so it is worth changing them regularly.

Build associations with an activity

The example with the book shows the power of building links between place and activities. These mental associations support our decisions.

I wanted to introduce more activity into my daily routine. To be more motivated, I decided to do simple physical exercises every time I brush my teeth. The simple combination made the body start exercising itself as soon as I finished brushing my teeth.


The environment should support our development. Building associations between place and activities can mentally support our decisions.

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