How to work remotely without going crazy

  • 4 min read

Most of us have moved from working in the office to working from home. For most, this was a new and unexpected situation. Reflecting on the topic of remote work, I wanted to prepare a list of activities that will allow us to avoid lack of concentration, constant monotony, and being at work 24 hours a day.

The best books to start, or improve your Elixir career

  • 4 min read

When you start your adventure with Elixir, you may wonder where to get the knowledge. In this article, I have prepared a list of books that may help you become an Elixir programmer or improve your career. This list has been split into different levels of skill.

TimescaleDB support in Elixir using Ecto

  • 2 min read

Most of the projects collect a lot of data. It usually means a heavy loads on the database. What can we do to provide better request handling and lower access times? See how to introduce TimescaleDB to the project using Ecto.