Long-term thinking

We have to be honest - this year ends. Mid-November is the beginning of Christmas promotions. It is also an excellent time to use the sad fall evenings to reflect on our life.

Amazon - an example of an advantage over the business competition

I read an article about Amazon recently. Unfortunately, I do not remember what it was exactly to indicate here. However, I remember one fundamental lesson why Amazon has such a huge advantage over other companies.

In the case of Amazon, planning takes place over a very long time horizon. The following 2-3 years and what the company is striving for in the next ten or more years. Such a change of consciousness allows you to achieve better results because of a long-term vision of development. It is often a problem for smaller companies that stop growing at some point. Ultimately, they fail because the competition has outpaced them.

Long-term thinking in our lives

Long-term thinking is difficult for all of us because it forces conscious action. Life is a very long-distance run in which poorly distributed forces can deprive us of the chance to achieve the intended success. However, first, we have to consider what we want to achieve because it is difficult to determine if we are going in the right direction without a clearly defined goal.

Everything around us makes us concentrate on what is available immediately and instantly. Short-term gains and results are much more appreciated than long-term with much better results. If you cannot afford holidays in a beautiful place - just no problem. All you need to do is take a loan, and you can be on holiday tomorrow. You will indeed have to pay it off later with a significant percentage, but it is not important (but should be). Immediate gratification counts.

Long-distance thinking is difficult. You have to motivate yourself that what you are doing makes sense. Retirement is a good example. After all, it will happen to everyone - youth is not eternal. However, the enormity of society does not save because it requires systematic work. Still, most of all, the results are not immediately visible. There is no vast, thousands of percent return on investment as there is in speculation. There is, however, putting aside small amounts that work and can become huge savings thanks to the power of compound interest. However, this can be not easy when the perspective is 30 years or more away.


I have the impression (this is my opinion only) that long-term thinking produces better results than living without a plan for yourself. It can also be a happier life, but above all, better preparation for unexpected events.

Nobody will force you to think like that because then it doesn’t bring any results. Instead, you have to consider for yourself if it might be of value to you.

Motivation is the biggest problem in this process. However, you can use it my way. Instead of setting yourself up for specific values, positions, points you need to achieve, it is better to focus on the route, the trend of these changes. If they are in line with our expectations, it means that we are implementing our plan.

The plan is only a signpost. There may be new challenges, doubts, and the unknown. There is no point in checking your progress too often. All you have to do is do it once a month or even once a quarter. Don’t let the beginning discourage you from continuing.

As the last examples, I will leave you the health and professional issues. Routine examinations are not scary and can increase the chances of detecting the problem at an early stage. At work, take a moment to read and look for new things to allow you to have a better career in various fields.

Long-term thinking and acting following this thought is the key to a peaceful life on your own terms.

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