What could the Internet of the future look like?

The Internet is an integral part of our lives. Each year brings new trends, new technologies, but also new challenges. However, have you ever wondered what the Internet might look like in the future?

It is now possible thanks to the Wayforward Machine initiative by Internet Archive. This organization deals with the archiving of content. We can generally use its services to check archived web snapshots.

This time, however, we can move into the future to see how the Internet has dealt with the problem of advertising, user tracking, paywall, and all kinds of cybersecurity problems.

A glimpse into the future

Wayforward view on bartoszgorka.com Wayforward view on bartoszgorka.com Wayforward view on bartoszgorka.com

An important message

The whole initiative seems fun, but it’s educational. Going to the website of our choice indicates a growing problem with access to free content. In addition, access restriction may be related to political decisions about the “harmfulness” of the parties concerned to the authorities. We can also come across a message regarding the closure of activities due to the reduction of monopoly.

The Wayforward Machine is designed to build awareness of the threats that may affect the Internet. Current threats are constantly changing, evolving every day. If we are not careful, it may turn out that our access to the vast amount of knowledge offered via the Internet will no longer be possible.

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