Delegate tasks, and don’t be afraid to say no!

  • 2 min read

Feeling overwhelmed by work is quite a common feeling. Especially if we work on the project for a long time. Good planning can make your work more pleasant and simplified. You don’t have to complete all tasks (alone). Some tasks can even be removed. With the Eisenhower matrix you can manage your priorities.

Good error message

  • 3 min read

Error handling is an integral part of any project. However, only a few can do it well. What makes an error message good? Take care of the language of the message, its length and indicate how to mitigate errors. Have automatic bug reporting tools to quickly respond to system problems.

TIL: Custom timestamps fields in Elixir

  • ~1 min read

Ecto Schema is very easy to adapt to our needs. Besides changing the type of the primary key, you can also change the type and names of the fields created by the timestamps() macro.

Zero downtime deployments

  • 3 min read

Not so long ago, to release the application, it was necessary to modify the binary files on the servers. Thanks to good DevOps practices, the entire process can be changed. It is possible to achieve tens or hundreds of releases each day. Everything without the downtime of the application.

A ways to be a more effective engineer

  • 6 min read

Start from understanding the needs and point of view of the organization. Take care of good communication with customers. Don’t be afraid to develop both technical and soft skills. You will have a lot of battles at work. Choose wisely what you can engage in, given your limited time capacity. Act locally, think globally to change the project in small steps. Use non-hanging fruit to be successful and avoid burnout.

Skills development as the best investment in life

  • 5 min read

In my opinion, the best investment is our development. It allows us to achieve better results, receives promotions, and increase our remuneration. By investing in ourselves, we invest in our future. You didn’t know everything (and you still don’t know everything). It is worth trying to help others and learning at the same time.

Using View as a way to simplify your system

  • 2 min read

Many applications introduce some kind of status to make it easier to share data. However, more and more modules in your codebase need to be explicit about these assumptions. Views can eliminate the problematic SQL query. It’s also great way to introduce well-defined entities.