Make it as easy as possible

Who loves adding new code to a project? Refined, completing all standards, and ideally suited to the team’s expectations. Who likes to rewrite existing legacy code into something better?

Most likely, you will find more fun when preparing new changes. Completely from scratch, according to best practices and the best breakdown you can think of. Adding is the creative process that triggers dopamine (the happiness hormone) in our brain.

Hidden costs of new functionalities

It is hardly ever talked about, but each new part of the system also comes with hidden costs. It is a matter of maintenance of the whole project. Especially when there is interaction with other parts of the system.

When you add a new tool or technology, you need to know it first. It is imperative to check whether the tool is up-to-date, has available functions, and involves the tool in the workflow.

New tools also mean dependency obligations. How many libraries do you have on your system are really necessary? How often do you verify the changes made by individual versions?

Not everything is necessary

Life is a continuous streak of decisions. How many things you do every day don’t have to be part of your life?

Recently, I spoke to a friend who uses the gym. The discussion turned to how to get to the gym located in the very center of the city. Why will most people prefer to travel by car instead of walking?

Another example is running. Do you really need all those “smart” items that track your activity? The collection of information by all these smart-fit applications serves to profile your activity and offer you more tailored advertisements. It is also a threat to your privacy and security, especially when you publicly share information where you run. You can indicate that you are away from home, i.e., potentially, it is left unattended and unprotected against theft. Comfortable shoes are enough for you, and the rest is just an addition.

Simplify your life and projects

Does this mean a recommendation to live without technology? None of these things! Pause for a moment and reflect on the world around you.

Don’t overcomplicate, don’t add maintenance, and keep it simple to be less sensitive.

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