KLT principle can save your sales and business

Selling is not an easy job. At the same time, the business needs to survive and be profitable. Have you ever wondered why one person succeeds when others have to try and ultimately fail anyway?

In this post, I would like to mention the topic of trust. In my opinion, it is necessary to be successful in relations with the team and the customer.

I know this sounds terrible, but the customers don’t care about you. For them, the most important thing is that you can solve their problems for which they are willing to pay you. You must understand what your target audience needs and motivates them to buy. The last step is to convince them to do business with you.

Endless Referrals

Endless Referrals by Bob Burg

The subject of this post is discussed in his book Endless Referrals by American speaker and author Bob Burg. He noticed a principle that can be described as KLT. It refers to “know, like, and trust”.

People often recommend and buy from people they know well, like, and trust. Bob indicates the same in his book. We can gain valuable knowledge on how to approach our processes to better interest the customer.


The KLT principle can be applied to the customer. They often go through three stages before a new customer decides to use our services and pay for them.


It would be worthwhile for you to appear in places where your potential customers are. If you run a blog or create materials, sometimes it is worth giving something for free. Such an accessory marked with your brand shows you as a professional. Often you can promote yourself very well at a low cost.

Another example is building the image of a good speaker. If you want to be invited to conferences, you should try to appear at events for free and build your image. I’ve already written a bit about it in building personal branding.

It is worth collecting the opinions of your customers and their honest reviews. It can come in handy when people don’t know you, but people who do know you.


Try to find a common topic with your audience. Talk about things in your company that people can identify with. Look for similarities based on which you can build a further relationship. Being in the park with a dog, the first topic you will discuss with a stranger may be the topic of dogs. Also, in your business, you must rely on what you have in common with your client.

Don’t try to build the image of a perfect person. Nobody’s perfect. If you show that you can perfectly solve your clients’ problems despite some flaws and weaknesses, they will be more willing to cooperate with you.


Above all, be authentic and real. Represent the values that you identify with, not those currently fashionable. Show your customers who you really are. Don’t be afraid to give your company an entire personality.

Be consistent in doing so. Establish specific rules that guide you in relations with clients and follow them. It can set a standard of service that will be equated with you.

Let me get to know you and like you as you are. It may allow you to be more successful. Good luck!

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