Take care of your health

I will probably surprise you with the content of today’s post. Usually, the blog covers topics related to personal development, projects, management, or technology. However, I would like to make something very important. It is one of the few “things” that will ultimately happen to everyone.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the career path. However, have you wondered what would happen if you died right now? Probably not. Most people do not think about such topics until an accident, or unexpected event occurs.

You don’t know the Day

I came across the page presenting the results of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research on life expectancy. The research is about the United States, not the numbers alone, but more about a great graphic representation. Use Years you have left to see what might happen to you.

You can check the values provided by your local government and relevant institutions. However, remember that people die at different ages. In fact, no one knows the day when the time will come. Life is very unpredictable.

Simulation of various times of death

Are you making good use of your life?

How well are you using your life? Do you feel that you are wasting them, or is something wrong? Do you like your job and the people you work with? Think about it for a moment.

You can safely say that I don’t know your situation. It is absolutely true. I don’t judge anyone, and I don’t force anyone to change. I question whether it is really necessary to spend more overtime hours at work. Maybe it’s worth spending time with your family or relaxing instead. Remember about physical activity, especially if you spend long hours chained to your desk.

What would you like to do?

Have you ever wondered how many things you would like to do if you had more time? Do you want to do all of this in your retirement? Unfortunately, I have sad news - you most likely won’t be doing this. There will be other topics just like it is now.

But there is also a positive (I hope) part. Maybe instead of postponing it, you will start acting? Today, now! How many things that you put off until tomorrow could you do today? And tomorrow, you will have a little more time for yourself.

Life isn’t fair. True! However, you can do a lot to enjoy it. The adversities that block you today may be behind you tomorrow. Each day is not perfect bliss, but do not use it for anything you hate and do what you like.

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