How to overcome task delay?

Large projects contain a lot of tasks to prepare. A big task offers even more excuses for not doing it. Expecting motivation alone to be enough is not recommended.

Remote work also does not help. It often allows you to avoid task progress questions.

Classic approach: Divide and conquer

Classically, it is recommended to divide the task into smaller jobs. Unfortunately, there is a problem when a task has a lot of components. Each part should be separated, estimated, and planned. In addition, it is often difficult to determine what tasks need to be performed and how long they will take us.

It may discourage action. We will focus on the division, and we will recognize that we have completed the task.

Better approach: Time window for the project

A better approach may be to define a specific time window and be fully focused on the project. We work until the time runs out. We focus only on the project.

Procrastination can be a problem. We may have trouble forcing ourselves to start working. However, there is a solution for that as well!

A great solution is to start your to-do list with a small task. It could be a renaming of a function or adding a specification. A simple task forces you to start working.


It is my new way of dealing with the (private) projects I carry out. Instead of dividing up into tasks and thinking about everything right away, you can accomplish as much as you can. An excellent start to the day can motivate us to work.

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